Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Profile

Ylang Ylang essential oil is expressed from flower of the cananga odorata tree. The oil is used extensively in perfumery and is one of the ingredients in Chanel No. 5. There are several grades of this essential oil. Ylang Ylang "Extra" is the highest quality grade and is collected at the plant's first distillation. Subsequent extractions are called Ylang Ylang II, Ylang Ylang III, and so on. While the properties of the oils are similar across the three different fragrance.

Fragrance Notes: Strong mid-note. Heave sweet floral fragrance that may resemble the scent of jasmine, narcissus, or hyacinth.

Complementary oils: bergamot, geranium, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, lime, neroli, patchouli, rose, rosemary, rosewood, sandalwood, sweet orange, tangerine and vetiver. This is a strong fragrance and should be used sparingingly in blends.

Aromatherapy effects: anti-depressant, sedative, relaxing, sedative.

Skin care uses: Best for dry to oily skin types. Also good for hair and scalp preparations.

Contraindications: May cause headaches if too much is inhaled. Always dilute essential oils in a carrier oil before use.

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Kyla Matton said...

Ylang-ylang is one of the oils I use most in creating personal scents. I originally disliked it, but now it just smells like heaven to me!